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Superb Experience

The guys showed up on time and worked as a team very well. Cleaned up after themselves. the windows are beautiful. I don't even want to install blinds! Very good experience.

The wait is over!

We have been wanting to replace the windows on our home for about 10 years. We have been frustrated with all the contractors we have contacted until now due to their inability to provide a solution for all the windows in our home. Our home has 37 windows and due to its age the windows were almost all custom sizes especially two groupings in the front. All the others that looked at our job had no solution for us and it was unacceptable to us to go to all the expense and not replace them all. Storm Tight Windows came up with a great solution that allowed us to maintain the unique architectural character of our over 90 year old home. In four days they replaced all our windows with beautiful highly energy efficient impact resistant windows. We can already tell the difference in the improved comfort of our home and I am looking forward to no longer needing to board up our windows for approaching tropical storms

Tutorial on Windows

The sales rep gave a wonderful sales presentation on Storm Tight Windows. I was impressed with the quality of the windows and liked that the windows are manufactured to actually fit the opening.

Window Replacement

I don't know where to start.... It was a great experience all together from the salesman to the install it was a great experience. Windows are not cheap any way you go. If you go cheap you pay for it in the end by replacing or having issues with the window (know from experience) or you pay it up front and don't worry about it again. I told the salesman up front that I didn't want to put Lamborghini rims on a Yugo, but turns out it was a good investment. I was doubtful on the electric bill being lowered but already hear the A/C running less than it did and it is now warmer outside. The noise was reduced significantly to near zero. Difficult to hear cars pass by or others talking in the back yard. These guys are fast and efficient. My only complaint is the city coming to inspect the windows for the permit that was issued. Its been nearly two weeks and they are MIA!


Love them

Why I love my storm windows.

We had all the windows and two sliding glass doors replaced. The noise reduction is incredible. No longer is there heat coming through the sliding glass doors. We comment quite often how much we are enjoying the improvement.

Quality Work and Reasonable Price

I would recommend Storm Tight Windows to anyone looking to replace their existing windows. The installers were very professional and completer their work in a timely manner.

I am very happy that decided to replace my old win

Very professional and careful company.

Awesome Windows!

I am honored to tell you our Storm Tight Window story. My husband and I went to a hurricane preparedness day at our county fairgrounds. While coming down one of the rows I saw a lady take a bowling ball on a chain, lift it and let it slam into a sample window. We asked for someone to come to the house to share more information. They called within the week and were very informative. We were soooo impressed we signed on the dotted line and the windows were in within a very short time. The workers cleaned up so well we would never have known they were even in our house had we not been here to watch them put the windows in place. We noticed right away how quiet it was in the house. For the first night in a long while I slept as the nightly barking dog could not be heard. They are easy to clean and move smoothly. We have been through a few storms and the windows do not rattle like our old windows. We are as impressed as the first day they were put in and the service was outstanding. Thank you Storm Tight Windows!

Great Windows

We had Storm Tight windows installed about 2 years ago. The windows have been very good. The first thing I noticed is a more unobstructed view out of our house. The second thing I noticed is the decrease in the noise from outside the house. The third thing I have observed is a decrease in our electric bills, particularly during the air conditioning season. I would buy more, but I don't have any more windows to replace. PLEASE NOTE, we bought our windows from the Carlton office, at least that is what we were told. That was NOT a location choice so I picked Houston.

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