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There are many reasons Texas homeowners prefer fiberglass windows as opposed to other window types. The window experts from Storm Tight Windows would like to walk you through some of these key reasons so you can make an informed choice for your home. With years of experience and professional window installation training, our window company has looked closely at this new trend with fiberglass windows to bring the facts to you.

So, why do homeowners turn to fiberglass windows again and again?

  1. Their Strong Composition

Fiberglass is made in a factory by weaving individual glass fibers together. Their woven composition makes them stronger than other types of windows, like traditional glass or vinyl. Just how strong can they be? With fiberglass window frames, you can expect 8 times the strength of vinyl window frames.

  1. Their Longevity

Thirty years is a long time for a product’s average lifespan, but fiberglass windows can last years longer than this with proper treatment. Fiberglass is unique in that it won’t warp, corrode, or retain scratch marks. These window features make them a reliable choice.

  1. Their Protection Against Temperature Changes

Another area where fiberglass windows surpass other window types is their strength against extreme heat and cold. Whereas other windows could warp or crack due to temperature changes, fiberglass retains its composition and stays the same.

  1. Their Noise Cancellation

You won’t hear loud music blaring from cars outside with fiberglass windows. Many Texas homeowners enjoy these window replacements, because they block out unwanted noise that might filter into their homes.

  1. Their Security

Since fiberglass windows are so strong, Texas homeowners have enjoyed their fiberglass window installations for added security. It’s difficult to break fiberglass. Possible intruders and storms will have a very hard time trying to damage these windows.

  1. Their Varied Color Palette

Fiberglass window replacements are available in many more color variations than other window types. For homeowners who like a pop of color in their home, fiberglass offers a customizable choice.

  1. Their Personalized Style

Fiberglass windows can be made into any size and shape. Texas residents have liked having window installations with windows so customized to their style.

  1. Their Visual Appeal

Our window company has taken note of how stunning fiberglass windows are and how they boost the curb appeal of homes. Given their customizability, they can be made to fit any home’s aesthetic.

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