Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are an essential part of your home's exterior shield against hot and cold days. These products are usually constructed with several features that block heat energy, certain kinds of light, and also stop moisture and wind penetration. Homeowners may wonder exactly what those features are and where they are located on their new windows.

At Storm Tight Windows of Texas, we can go over the anatomy of our replacement windows during a free consultation. Before then, here's a way that homeowners can brush up on the basics of most efficient windows.

The Anatomy of an Energy-Efficient Window

Energy efficiency refers to how well a product works at reducing energy usage in the home. The most important sources of protection against the elements often include the windows, doors, insulation, and siding.

 The efficiency of your replacement windows must also be balanced by a need for function and beauty. As a window manufacturer of our own line of hurricane-windows, Storm Tight knows just how essential curb appeal and strength are to customers.

While every manufacturer has different efficiency features they focus on for windows, there are some standards in the industry.

Double-Pane or Triple-Pane Glass​

Homeowners can always expect to find multipaned glass in their energy efficient replacement windows. Decades ago, it was common to see a window with a single pane of glass. Eventually, manufacturers moved towards installing two thin panes of glass that were vacuum-sealed to create an air barrier in the window. It's more difficult for heat energy to pass through this gap in the panes of glass, keeping the air inside the home cool and comfortable.

Gas Fill

Many energy efficient windows also have gas between two or three window panes in place of air. Gas fill uses dense gases that are even more resistant to heat energy, providing more protection against the elements. Argon is the most popular and affordable option. Krypton and Xenon gas are slightly more effective gases, but much pricier. 

Low-E Glass

It's also common to see low-E glass coatings on energy efficient replacement windows. Low-E glass is treated with a layer of metallic oxide that is thinner than a human hair. It reflects a lot of UV light away from the home, while still allowing great views outside.

Multichamber Frames​

Window frames may be made with multiple small chambers inside of them. These chambers are sealed to prevent any air from outside coming into the window frame. While these chambers aren't vacuums nor do they have gas fill, the barrier created by an empty pocket of air still slows heat transfer through the window frame. Plus, it's an easy way to improve efficiency without special materials or equipment.


Every window, even those that aren't offered as energy efficient windows, will have some weatherstripping to stop drafts and moisture. The weatherstripping that manufacturers apply to windows is usually a rubber gasket that runs along the sides and sashes of the frames. It's durable and effective. Homeowners can even apply more weatherstripping to their windows in the form of a foam strip to supplement the existing gasket, especially if it's damaged and worn.

Storm Tight Energy Efficient Windows

At Storm Tight, we strive to provide energy efficient window installation with all the most common features and a few extras. These steps are necessary to provide additional protection against storms, such as hurricanes. Our window company is the only US window manufacturer to earn the TDI & Miami-Dade County Certifications. So, our efforts definitely yield results.

Our energy efficient hurricane windows offer several unique features too:

  • Our windows are ENERGY STAR-rated, showing that they provide savings on utility bills and reduce energy usage.
  • We manufacture our replacement windows from materials like 100% virgin vinyl and 90 gauge steel reinforcements on the sashes and frames.
  • Storm Tight is known for using durable safety glass in all of our windows, so your home is more resistant to impacts and break-ins.
  • We even use 12 layers of glass in each window pane to help block 90% of solar heat gain, which prevents a lot of heat penetration into the home.

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