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There are many window styles available to choose from for your home in the Beaumont, Texas, area, but casement windows in particular offer many advantages. They are hinged on the side and open outward to the left or right, similar to the way that a door opens and closes. If you’re considering investing in casement windows, you can look forward to several benefits, including:

  • Better views, since casement windows have fewer muntins (strips of vinyl, metal, wood or fiberglass that divide panes of glass) than other window options
  • Refreshing cross ventilation, since no other window style can open as far
  • Exceptional energy efficiency, thanks to window sashes that press against the frame on closing, creating an airtight seal
  • Ease of operation, since they use single-lever latches or tandem latches

Casement Windows from Storm Tight

At Storm Tight Windows of Texas, we carefully craft our own casement windows to provide optimal strength, security, and beauty. They are made out of extra-thick, 100 percent virgin vinyl, and are designed with features like steel reinforcements throughout and high-performance, tempered glass. Our windows also have an inner-locking system that makes them virtually impenetrable, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected from potential break-ins. Furthermore, you will be able to choose from a dazzling array of colors and finishes for your casement windows to ensure that they beautifully enhance the look of your home.

Contact Storm Tight Windows of Texas today to learn more about the casement windows we offer to homeowners in Beaumont and all neighboring communities. We would be happy to tell you about the flexible financing options we offer to those who qualify.