Do you need new windows? There can be so many reasons to be in the market for replacement windows. Perhaps you’ve found yourself with windows that aren’t holding up to the extreme weather here in Texas. Or maybe you get your utility bill each month and your jaw drops to the floor. Windows that aren’t energy-efficient can end up costing you an arm and a leg in the long-run. Or maybe you’re just looking to change up the look or style of your home. Your current windows just might not be doing it for you anymore. Highest grade windows on the market Thankfully, Storm Tight is here for you. We have an incredible selection of windows for all areas of your home. Best of all, our windows are made to last. We manufacture the highest-grade hurricane impact windows on the market today. That means we’re perfectly situated to provide you with ideal replacement windows, no matter why you’re in the market for them! In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a selection of our world-class replacement windows. We want to take the opportunity in this blog to overview a selection of our windows so you can decide what windows are right for you. If you have any questions — or if you’re ready to have high-grade windows installed in your Houston home today — then please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Now, let’s take a look at the world-class replacement windows from Storm Tight!


Highest-Grade Windows on the Market


First things first: before we launch into the specific types of windows we offer at Storm Tight, we want to look at some of the features and benefits that you’ll get from all of our windows! Regardless of the style that you choose, there are certain things that you can count on from Storm Tight. So, what can you expect from all of our world-class windows? You can expect the following: 
  • Unparalleled strength
  • Top-quality materials
  • Extra-thick, 100% virgin vinyl construction
  • Steel-reinforced sashes
  • Virtually-impenetrable inter-locking system
  • High-performance, insulated glass
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Beauty and style
Of course, that’s just the beginning. Whether you’re looking for bay windows, sliding windows, garden windows, or anything in between, you can expect the very best from Storm Tight. With each of these guaranteed features in mind, let’s now turn to the specific types of windows you can choose from. Be sure to visit our Replacement Windows page for more information regarding our world-class windows!

Double Hung

Double hung windows are a classic choice, making it the most popular style of window in the United States. And there’s good reason for their popularity. In short, they have great versatility. They can do a whole lot while still looking great.  Double hung windows allow for ventilation on the top and the bottom end of the window because they have two operating sash. A window sash holds the glass and the framework around the glass to keep it in place. This double sash allows the window to open on top and bottom. This is in contrast with single hung windows that prevent you from opening the top part of the window, usually only with a lower sash that opens up. With double hung, you can double your ventilation and/or choose top or bottom ventilation. We also provide a variety of styles to choose from. You simply can’t go wrong with this versatile classic!


Another classic style is the sliding window. We like to describe sliding windows as being like double hung windows turned on their side. They have a dual sash that allows for the windows to glide back and forth.  Much like the double hung windows, these sliders make for a good deal of versatility. And they couldn’t possibly be any easier to operate! These make for a particularly good choice for people looking for easy-to-operate windows that offer great views.


With casement windows, you get the perfect balance of beauty and durability. These ultra-strong windows are attached to the frame by hinges on the side. This allows you to maximize airflow by propping the windows open, sometimes with a casement stay.  Not only do you get strength, durability, and beauty with casement windows, but this style of window can be particularly energy-efficient. As mentioned above, all of our windows have excellent energy efficiency. However, because casement windows can be closed by pressing on the frame, this can sometimes allow for an even tighter seal. Keep in mind, however, that casement windows are not the only style that can be shut from pressing on the frame…


While casement windows will have hinges on the side (they can come in both left- and right-handed orientation), awning windows will have a hinge on the top. Because they have a hinge at the top, awning windows will swing out from the bottom in order to open. Awning windows tend to be a great choice to complement other window setups. This style of replacement windows will be wider than it is tall, so you’ll often see them situated above other styles of window. An ideal placement for awning windows is above the sink or above doors. Another benefit of awning windows is that they help prevent rain from spilling in since the window opens upward!


Speaking of windows that go great above sinks, garden windows can be a fantastic choice for people who love to fill their homes with lush plants and greenery. A garden window extends slightly into the outside of your home and is situated with an interior shelf that makes for an ideal space for plants and flowers. By having the interior shelf extended outward, the garden window maximizes the amount of sunlight to help your plants flourish. They are also made so that the side windows can be opened to provide fresh air for your plants and your home. 


With garden windows, only the side windows open, meaning the middle window stays shut but provides a large space for direct sunlight. A picture window is a larger version of this. A picture window cannot be opened at all, as its purpose is to maximize the natural light and provide breathtaking views. It’s called a picture window because it’s all about taking in that expansive, unobstructed view. A picture window has no sash and, as we mentioned, cannot be opened. On the one hand, this means that it’s not a good choice if for ventilation. On the other hand, a picture window is an especially effective insulator, making it extremely energy efficient. Another benefit is that it lacks moving parts, so there’s no chance of wearing out and needing to replace parts of it in the future. If you’re looking to maximize your view of the outdoors, there’s simply no better option.


While picture windows will bring attention to the views, bow windows will make the window itself the main attraction. Bow windows are a set of four to six window panes that angle outward, creating a striking curved space.  Bow windows are made of more panes of glass than any other window style, which means they let in a vast amount of natural light while also offering great views of the outdoors. One of the strongest appeals of bow windows is the style. The curved walls make a unique and lovely flow both inside and outside of your home, while also providing extra space in whatever room they’re in. Bow windows offer exceptional style and beauty, but they’re not the only option for those focused on aesthetic. 


With shape windows, you can really let your creativity shine! Shape windows are customized to uniquely fit various areas of your home. Storm Tight can work with you to make your vision become a reality. Would you like replacement windows that are circular? How about hexagonal windows? Triangles? Check, check, and check. We can work soft curves to sharp angles to bring you the custom window that your home deserves. Just because shape windows are uniquely designed doesn’t mean that they sacrifice one iota of the quality you’ve come to expect from Storm Tight. Our shape windows are made from the best materials on the market and provide unmatched energy efficiency. Get quality and beauty in your home with shape windows.


Finally, bay windows are not a type of window in themselves, but they’re a way to uniquely place your choice of window. With bay windows, we take a certain number of panes (usually three or more) and put them together at angled projections. These angled spaces allow for a dynamic look to the walls of your home and, like bow windows, will extend outward to provide a certain amount of extra space inside your home. Best of all, with bay windows, you can choose what style is best for you. They can be casement, picture, or double hung windows. And now that you have an idea of what each of those windows offers, you are in a great position to pick the right bay windows for your home!

Get Replacement Windows in Houston

We hope that today’s blog has helped give you an idea of the selection of windows to choose from at Storm Tight. Knowing your options can help you make the best decision for your home. We are willing to work with you for custom jobs and whatever else it takes to help your dream windows become a reality. It all starts with reaching out. Win a home impact window makeover