Houston Window Grid Styles

When considering new windows for your home, don't overlook the importance of your window grids. However small it may seem, window grids play a huge role in the overall aesthetic and style of your home's exterior design. Work with a professional, skilled window contractor in Houston to review all of your choices for your next window installation.

What Are Window Grids?

Window grids are also known as window muntins or grilles in the home remodeling industry. In modern windows, they act as a decorative element to add a traditional or modern aesthetic to a window. In the past, window grids were necessary to connect small panes of glass together to form a larger window unit. This was because glass manufacturing was only advanced enough to produce small panes of glass without breaking.

Nowadays, modern technology has made it possible to create large picture windows without the need for dividers. However, window grids play a huge role in the exterior design of a home. It's important to consider the types of window grids you choose for your next Houston window replacement to achieve a specific architectural design style.

Types of Window Grid Styles

If you're looking to add more charm and character to your home, consider upgrading your window grid style during your next window replacement. Window grids can have a huge impact on the overall curb appeal and resale value of your home. Although there are endless types of window grids on the market today, many stem from the following main styles:

  • Colonial Grids: These are a classic choice of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical bars, great for homeowners who love symmetry.
  • Diamond Grids: Diamond grids stem from a traditional design with diagonal bars that separate panes into diamond shapes.
  • Prairie Grids: Many new styles stem from the prairie style which reflects the horizontal and vertical emphasis of a home's facade.
  • Victorian Grids: Victorian grids are elaborated and decorative, often incorporating unique designs like curved lines and shapes.
  • Craftsman Grids: Craftsman window grids are derived from the simple and straightforward look of craftsman homes.

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