Custom Made Windows

High energy bills, drafty rooms, and noisy streets are just a few reasons you might be searching for window replacements. While these things cause inconveniences in your life, there is no reason replacing your windows should. Many Houston homeowners are opting for custom-made windows are here are a few reasons why:

  • Enhance Curb Appeal
  • Increased Energy-Efficiency Savings 
  • Straightforward Installation
  • Countless Style Choices

Perfectly Accommodate Your Home's Unique Needs

When you purchase pre-made windows, they are manufactured in standard sizes that aren't always the right fit for your home. When a pre-made or mass-produced window is inserted into an opening, there may be additional gaps that have to be filled in around the frame. This leaves you with an imperfect window installation that can make your home susceptible to water damage and air leaks. Custom-made replacement windows honor the integrity of your home with a perfect fit every time. At Storm Tight Windows of Texas, our window installation team measures your window openings with precision to ensure a proper and secure fit. This allows for a speedy and efficient installation process so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Effortlessly Redesign the Exterior and Interior of Your Home

Itching to remodel but don't want to deal with multiple contractors or live in a disaster zone for weeks on end? Since you're already looking to replace your windows, opting for custom-made windows allows you to refresh the look and feel of your space while accomplishing a large home improvement project. Elevate the exterior of your home with our extensive selection of styles including:

  • Awning Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Casement Windows

Storm Tight will work with you to help you find styles that thoroughly complement your home's exterior while giving you new design features and natural light to enjoy on the interior.

Energy-Efficiency and Comfort You Can Depend On

It's important now more than ever to improve our environment. One way every homeowner can easily contribute is by reducing their energy consumption with energy-efficient windows. Unlike other window companies, our windows offer 12 layers of glass that block 90% of solar heat gain while allowing for the highest amount of visible light. You could save up to 40% on your next energy bill with the Storm Tight difference. 

Personalization Options for Every Style

Whether you have modern, traditional, or eclectic tastes, Storm Tight custom-made windows give Houston homeowners the ability to express their style. Various window features make the selection process fun and engaging. Choose from a wide array of colors, materials, decorative glass, hardware, and more while getting top-of-the-line ENERGY STAR certified windows. 

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Since 2004, we are proud to be the top choice company for impact windows and doors in Texas. We have installed more than one million windows that are specifically designed to protect Houston homeowners against Category 5 hurricanes. You can trust we have the expertise necessary to provide you with a hassle-free and budget-friendly window installation. Contact us to learn more about:

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