Drafty Windows

Have you noticed your property's energy bills slowly creeping up? Increasing energy costs may be a sign that you have drafty windows on your property.

The outdoor air entering your home through the unsealed windows can lead to higher costs. Fortunately, this article will give you some advice on how to fix drafty windows. 

The Causes of Drafty Windows

When your windows have drafts, there is an opening that allows the outside air to enter your home unrestricted. The most common reason why a window develops drafts is outdated window seals.

Window seals are typically constructed of rubber, which eventually loses its integrity after enough time. If the window seals become old enough, they can develop gaps that allow air to enter. 

How to Stop Drafts For Better Efficiency 

If you want to fix your drafty windows, you must close any gaps in the window frame. The first place to start is typically the weatherstripping that surrounds the window's structure.

When a window has outdated and cracked weatherstripping, you should replace it with a new option. Newer weatherstripping will prevent the air from sneaking in through the closed window. 

Additionally, if there are gaps or cracks around the window, they can be sealed with an option like caulking. The caulk will prevent drafts from affecting your home's comfort and efficiency. 

Why You Should Work With a Window Company

Professional window repair and replacement services are a sure way to fix drafty windows. A window company can help locate the source of the draft and utilize the correct repair method.

Along with drafty windows, a professional can help solve any other problem with your windows. Whether you have a cracked pane or an incorrect installation, a window company can help restore performance.

If your drafty windows are too damaged for repair, you can invest in energy-efficient replacement windows. The windows will improve efficiency and provide additional benefits like improved noise cancellation. 

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