Two weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a Category 4 storm, leaving hundreds of thousands of people dealing with severe flooding, wind damage, and destruction. The great city of Houston saw record-breaking rainfall as the storm moved through the area, causing catastrophic damage to homes, families, and businesses in the region.

At Storm Tight Windows, our thoughts go out to every person affected by the wrath of Hurricane Harvey, and as a part of the Texan community, we know first-hand the impact this natural disaster had on the lives of those who lived in the path of the storm. Our team wanted to step up and make a difference in bringing some relief and support to those affected by the hurricane, and we’ve been working hard to make a difference in every way possible.

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Reaching Out to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

On September 1, our company decided not to call our employees into the office. Instead, we hosted a barbecue—inviting family, friends, and neighbors to come together in support of the victims of this storm. We provided all of the food and supplies for the event, but we asked only for one thing—for those who attended to bring a donation that would be donated in full to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We then took this donation to a FEMA-approved site. We will also be donating a portion of the proceeds to the JJ Watt Fund.

We’re proud of the Texas-sized compassion and commitment we’ve seen as the local communities have come together to make a difference for anyone affected by the storm, but we still wanted to do more to make a tangible impact on relief efforts. By partnering with our manufacturer in PA, Regency Plus, we are also participating in a Stuff-the-Truck event. With this event, any trucks that are carrying merchandise to Houston is being filled with donations for hurricane victims, including bottled water, personal hygiene products, non-perishable food, infant supplies, and pet supplies.

Join Our Team in Bringing Relief to Texas!

The crew at Storm Tight Windows knows that rebuilding in the aftermath of this hurricane will take time, effort, and a united front from those able to reach out in support. Our company is more than just a window provider—we’re a team of local Texans that want to do our share to make a difference in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We invite all of our customers and those around the country to join in our efforts, and stand with us to bring relief, donations, and manpower to those that need it the most.