Are you growing concerned about your Texas home’s aging windows? If you’ve noticed your electric bill slowly creeping up every month, you might already be worried about your home’s older style windows. Of course, everyone these days insists that energy-efficient window replacement is the way to go. 

But can you trust everything you’ve heard recently about these new modern windows? The experts at Storm Tight Windows of Texas want to help you understand exactly what features you should be focused on. In addition, as the #1 Impact Window and Door Company in Texas, we want you to understand what energy-efficient window replacements can do for you.

Save on Energy Costs Every Year

Most likely, you’ve already heard some of the many benefits associated with energy-efficient windows. However, the biggest reason Texas homeowners make the switch year after year is the substantial savings they see on their energy bills.

Our innovative designs:

  • Block 90% of the Heat from the Sun: Energy-efficient windows typically have a reflective coating that immediately redirects sunlight. With 12 layers of glass, Storm Tight windows are strong and block the remaining heat.
  • Reduce Energy Expenses by 40%: Many homeowners report that they see an immediate savings of up to 40% on their heating and cooling bills. With this increased thermal efficiency from top-tier safety glass and insulating vinyl frames, your home stays comfortable no matter what kind of conditions are outside.
  • Prevent Moisture Build Up: Have you ever noticed moisture building up in your windowsills on cold winter mornings or hot summer days? The temperature difference on each side of the glass can cause condensation to build up in your window frames. Over time this extra moisture causes your frames to warp and eventually become drafty. Energy-efficient windows decrease this temperature difference and prevent moisture from building up.
  • Lifetime Service Warranty: Storm Tight Energy Star-Rated Products come with our warranty guarantee that your replacement windows continue to save you money for years to come.

Adds to Your Property Value

Homeowners who have recently replaced their windows with more energy-efficient windows often find that buyers will pay more for the extra thermal efficiency. This increase in your home’s value is a natural result of investing in Energy Star-rated products. When your windows are made from superior, quality products, you can expect to pay lower utility bills for years to come.

Increased Privacy

Energy-efficient window installations insulate your home against more than just the temperature outside. If you live near a busy street or a city park, you can understand just how noisy the outside world can get. With increased insulation and thicker glass options, double and triple pane, energy-efficient windows can keep most outside noises from intruding into your home. Also, with an incredible range of style options, you can customize the level of privacy you need for each room of your house.

Discover the Real Value of Energy-Efficient Window Features

While saving money on your utilities is nice, the most important benefit new energy-efficient windows can provide you with is simple. They can help keep your family comfortable inside your home for years to come.

Since 2004, Storm Tight Windows of Texas has been a window company dedicated to protecting Texas families with our exclusive lines of energy-efficient hurricane and impact windows. As an Energy Star Partner, we are proud to have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we are committed to providing you with premium window products and expert installations.

Ready to talk to someone about new windows? Call one of our expert window installers today to discuss the benefits of energy-efficient windows, or fill out our online form to request a free quote.