Texas Window Maintenance

While windows usually take care of themselves without a lot of effort, there is some window maintenance that Houston, TX homeowners should keep up with to protect their investment. These suggestions will help you preserve your windows and protect your home against the elements.

Prep Your Windows for Storms

Living in the Houston, TX region means having to put up with storms and hurricanes on a regular basis. If you are expecting pretty bad weather in your area soon, don't hesitate to cover your windows with plywood. This will help protect your windows from flying debris and high wind pressures. Better yet, consider having impact windows installed in your home, so you'll never be caught off guard by a strong storm.

Assess Your Windows Annually

Make a point of thoroughly inspecting your windows every year. Look for damaged window panes, cracks in the frame, damage to the finish, and worn or peeling caulk and weatherstripping. Also, take the time to test all the window mechanisms to ensure they are in proper working order. Check that the windows open and close and stay open without sliding down. Also test the locks to be sure they are working properly.

Fix Cracks and Chips in the Finish

If you do find cracks or damage to the paint finish on your windows, be sure to repair it. Over time, exposed wood or metal can develop further damage with exposure to the wind, rain, and pests. It's easy to buy a small can of paint and primer to cover over any damaged spots in your window frame. If you recently got a window replacement, your window frames may also be under warranty. Before fixing it yourself, check with the manufacturer to see if their product warranty covers a professional paint job or repair.

Repair Weatherstripping

The windows will also have a rubber or silicone strip around the sides of the window sash to block wind and moisture from entering the home. By blocking out the elements, weatherstripping also helps protect the window frame and the window opening in the wall. Because the weatherstripping is made of softer material, it can wear out faster than the rest of the window. If you are handy, consider buying new weatherstripping at a local hardware store to replace the old weatherstripping. The process doesn't take much time and can provide your home with additional warmth and weather resistance.

Fill Cracks and Holes Around the Frame

Lastly, look for any gaps around the window frame where it connects to the wall. These gaps also allow air and moisture into the home. They are more common in new windows or new construction homes that are starting to settle. Also, check the outside of the windows for gaps too. A bead of caulk will help seal up minor gaps and keep your windows and home dry.

Find Out More About Our Window Replacement Services in Houston, TX

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