Replacement Window Types

Windows are one of the fundamental fixtures in a home. Depending on the style, windows can bring in large quantities of sunlight, provide extra space in a home, or even help save you money on energy bills. When it comes time to replace windows, homeowners are faced with a variety of choices in types and materials.

Knowing which types of windows are the best fit for your home and your family’s needs will make your remodeling investment a valuable decision in the long run. 

Types of Replacement Windows

There are many styles of windows for different homeowner needs. The right type of replacement windows for your home depends on a range of factors including your available space, the type of weather in your area, and your budget. Each of these styles has specific window features that differentiate them one from one another.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are a modern style of window that are great for small spaces. This window is defined by its “push” style opening mechanism, as the window partially opens outward and is hinged at the top. Many people use these windows for spaces like basements and garages.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are commonly considered one of the most beautiful styles of windows, due to their large open panels and ability to let in large amounts of sunlight. A unique feature of bay windows is that they can add space to your home due to their bowed features, making them perfect for homeowners who are looking to add an area for a breakfast nook.

Energy-Efficient Windows

According to the United States Department of Energy, heat gain and loss through windows cause approximately 30% of heating and cooling energy usage. Swapping outdated windows for energy-efficient styles can save you hundreds of dollars in utility bills over time.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are a popular style of window for homeowners with a “green thumb.” This style of window is unique for its “box” style. Garden windows typically extend a few inches away from the home, providing a sunny area for plants to grow, including a small herb garden.

Hurricane and Impact Windows

For Texas homeowners, hurricanes are a recurrent threat to the integrity of our home’s structure. Investing in windows that are strong enough to withstand the intense gusts of wind, hail, and heavy rainfall associated with these catastrophic storms is a decision that can save you money on repair bills when a storm strikes.

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