Replacement windows generally make buildings more energy-efficient. In addition, they are easy to maintain and are often significantly more durable than their original window counterparts. However, if a replacement window is improperly installed, it can fail during operation, resulting in leakage of air through the cracks between the frame and the wall of your home or office. This will seriously affect the efficiency of your new window, as well as its durability over time.

Why Do Windows Leak?

The overwhelming majority of window air leaks aren't because of a problem with the window. Instead, the Texas sun and weather will take advantage of any weak points in the seal, which can cause an increasingly annoying draft as time passes. This is largely due to removing the original nail fin from the old window. Without this piece (installed when your home was constructed), it takes extra time and experience to seal the replacement window properly, and it is a job best left to the pros.

How the Pros Install a Leak Proof Window

Ensure that your window replacements are leak-proof after installation by flashing the opening. This blocks air and protects the window opening from water intrusion, which can prevent damage to the brick or siding surrounding the window.

For a professional, leak-proof window installation:

  • Use Quality Materials: Avoid using cheap caulking or flashing, which are more likely to deteriorate over time, leaving your window opening unprotected.
  • Seal the Bottom: Use flashing tape to line the bottom of the windowsill. Be sure to run the tape up each vertical side of the window about 4-6". This will allow you to shingle the flashing tape, which will provide extra protection from water or air penetration.
  • Seal Each Side: Shingle the flashing tape up the sides of each window.
  • Install Metal Flashing: This piece goes across the top. Create a watertight seal with caulk before screwing the metal flashing in place, and follow up by caulking it again.
  • Caulk the Window: Once the window is set, seal it with premium low expansion foam and caulk around the edges.

Get Airtight Windows from Professional Window Installation

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